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Kananavasan 2 (Ayyappa Devotional)
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Anayirangum Mamalayil... [Yesudas], [Chowalloor Krishnankutty], [Gangai Amaran] -Album:Kananavasan 2.
Kananavasa Kaliyugavarada... [Yesudas] -Album:Kananavasan 2.
Mahaprabho Mama... [Yesudas] -Album:Kananavasan 2.
Makara Samkrama Deepavali... [Yesudas] -Album:Kananavasan 2.
Makaranila Kuliradippadi... [Yesudas] -Album:Kananavasan 2.
Makaravilakke Makaravilakke... [Yesudas] -Album:Kananavasan 2.
Malayil Mahasamudram... [Yesudas] -Album:Kananavasan 2.
Manassinnullil Daivamirunnal... [Yesudas] -Album:Kananavasan 2.
Manathu Makaravilakku... [Yesudas] -Album:Kananavasan 2.
Mandala Ulsavakalam... [Yesudas] -Album:Kananavasan 2.
Nilave Va Ee Pampa Theerathu... [Yesudas] -Album:Kananavasan 2.