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Sopanam (1993)
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Aradhyayamanu... [Yesudas, Chandraravu], [Kaithapram], [SP Veniktesh] -Film:Sopanam.
Ksheera Sagara... [Yesudas], [SP Veniktesh] -Film:Sopanam.
Nagumo Mukalavani... [Mano], [SP Veniktesh] -Film:Sopanam.
Ponmeghame Salabhangale... [Chithra], [Kaithapram], [SP Veniktesh] -Film:Sopanam.
Saroja Dalanethri... [Yesudas], [Kaithapram], [SP Veniktesh] -Film:Sopanam.
Tharanoopuram Charthi... [Yesudas, Manju Menon], [Kaithapram], [SP Veniktesh] -Film:Sopanam.