Devaragam, one of the leading entertainment web site, brings you Malayalam musics of all category. Devaragam is powered by the ASP.NET and AJAX technology. Devaragam is using Flash Player to stream Mp3 audio. Three servers groups are Synchronising MP3 audio (US, Italy, Ireland).

From the home page you can navigate all songs. The index 'A', 'B', 'C' etc on the to help you select movie. For example if you want to hear songs of movie 'Devasuram' click on index 'D' and click 'Devasuram' from the list of Movies.

Artist Dropdown list allows you to filter the music list for a selected singer. Drop down 'Music' and 'Lyrics' are similar.

Dropdown 'Category' groups songs in another way. Example, if you want to hear 'Drama songs' select on 'Drams Songs' from the category list.