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Kolilakkam -Kolilakkam (English: Shock wave) is a 1981 Malayalam disaster drama film, written and directed by P. N. Sundaram, and starring Jayan. The film was a box office hit. The movie was a remake of the 1965 Hindi movie Waqt. On 16 November 1980, Jayan was killed in an accident on the set of Kolilakkam. The climax scene of the film was being filmed in Sholavaram, near Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Jayan performed his own stunt that involved him boarding an airborne helicopter from a moving motorbike. Jayan insisted on another take as he was not satisfied. During the take, the pilot lost control and crashed the helicopter while Jayan was hanging below, leading to his death.. . .Wikipedia
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Cherupalli Chempalli... [Jayachandran, Brahmanandan], [Bichu Thirumala], [Viswanathan MS] -Film:Kolilakkam.
Kolilakkam Kolilakkam... [Janaki], [Bichu Thirumala], [Viswanathan MS] -Film:Kolilakkam.
Omal Kalalaya Varshangale... [Jolly Abraham, Vani Jayaram], [Bichu Thirumala], [Viswanathan MS] -Film:Kolilakkam.