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Sreenath Bhasi Hits -Sreenath Bhasi (born 29 May 1988) is an Indian actor, disco jockey and singer who works in Malayalam films. He started his career as a Radio Jockey in Red FM 93.5. At the same time he worked as a Video Jockey. He gained recognition in the film Da Thadiya. He has been featured in numerous films. He was a part of the Christian alternative metal band named Crimson Wood and is currently the vocalist of an experimental djent band from Kerala. He is permanently banned from acting in Malayalam movies by KFPA. . . .Wikipedia
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My Love... [Sreenath Bhasi], [Sreenath Bhasi], [Bijibal] -Film:Da Thadiya.
Thanaro... [Sreenath Bhasi], [Engandiyur Chandrasekharan], [Rex Vijayan] -Film:North 24 Katham.
Vattaakkulam Vattunnitha... [Sreenath Bhasi], [Rafeeq Ahmed], [Bijibal] -Film:Idukki Gold.