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Cherusseri Hits -Cherusseri Namboothiri is a 15th-century Malayalam poet who belonged to Kolathunadu, present Kannur district in northern Kerala. He was a court poet of Udaya Varma (1446-1475) and the author of Krishnagatha, a poem which is considered a landmark in the development of Malayalam literature. Cherusseri Namboothiri is believed to have lived between 1375 and 1475 CE. He was born in Kaanathoor village in Kolathunadu or Kolaththiri Desam (now Kannur district, Kerala). Several scholars like P. K. Narayana Pillai and P. Govinda Pillai hold the view that Cherusseri was the name of the Namboothiri's ancestral house (Illam). However, according to T. K. Balakrishnan Nair, there were 12 cheris in Kolathnadu and the smallest of them was called Cheru-Cheri (Cheru-small; Cheri-an extent of a place) which has finally taken the form of Cherusseri. There aren't many details recorded in history about the life of this poet. There is some dispute about the author's name and his identity. Some scholars are of. . .Wikipedia
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Unnikkayi Thannile... [Anagha J Kolothu], [Cherusseri] -Album:Kavyamrutham V1.