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Anoop Menon Hits -Anoop Menon (born 3 August 1976) is an Indian actor, director, screenwriter and lyricist. He worked in television before acting in Malayalam films and has acted in more than 75 films. Menon won the Kerala State Film Award for Best Supporting Actor and also the Filmfare Award for his performance as the fictional movie star Ajayachandran in Thirakkatha. He wrote the screenplay and dialogue for films such as Pakal Nakshatrangal (2008), Cocktail (2010), Beautiful (2011), Trivandrum Lodge (2012), and Hotel California (2013). Actress Shwetha Menon is his cousin. . . .Wikipedia
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Ennomale Nin Kannile... [M Jayachandran], [Anoop Menon], [M Jayachandran] -Film:The Dolphins.
Kanmani Ninne Njan... [Vijay Yesudas], [Anoop Menon], [Ratheesh Vega] -Film:Namukku Parkkan.
Kannadi Kallangal... [Vijay Yesudas], [Anoop Menon], [Ratheesh Vega] -Film:Namukku Parkkan.
Mazhaneerthullikal (F)... [Thulasi Yatheendran], [Anoop Menon], [Ratheesh Vega] -Film:Beautiful.
Moovanthyay Akale... [Vijay Yesudas], [Anoop Menon], [Ratheesh Vega] -Film:Beautiful.
Nee Aaro Nenjoram... [Vijay Yesudas], [Anoop Menon], [Ratheesh Vega] -Film:David And Goliyath.
Nee Aaro Nenjoram... [Vrinda Menon], [Anoop Menon], [Ratheesh Vega] -Film:David And Goliyath.
Nin Viralthumbil... [Gayathri], [Anoop Menon], [Ratheesh Vega] -Film:Beautiful.
Rapoovinum... [Naveen,Balu,Ajith,Thulasi], [Anoop Menon], [Ratheesh Vega] -Film:Beautiful.
Vanamullayil Veyilananju... [Sujatha], [Anoop Menon], [Ratheesh Vega] -Film:Namukku Parkkan.
Vanamullayil Veyilaninju... [Pradeep Chandrakumar], [Anoop Menon], [Ratheesh Vega] -Film:Namukku Parkkan.