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Santhosh Pandit Hits -Santhosh pandit is a Malayalam film actor, singer, and internet celebrity.The Deccan Chronicle reported that on one of the Saturdays in November 2011, Pandit was number 2 on Google trends and that the searches had "crested on October 21, the day when his debut movie Krishnanum Radhayum was released and he quickly got praised for his performance in the film by pundits".. . .Wikipedia
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Amme Ennaksharam... , [Santhosh Pandit] -Film:Superstar Santhosh Pandit.
Anganavadiyile Teachere... [Navajyoth Pandit], [Santhosh Pandit] -Film:Krishnanum Radhayum.
Bandhangal Ellam... , [Santhosh Pandit] -Film:Superstar Santhosh Pandit.
Bhajam Bhajam... , [Santhosh Pandit] -Film:Superstar Santhosh Pandit.
Dehiyilla Dehikkippol... [MG Sreekumar], [Santhosh Pandit] -Film:Krishnanum Radhayum.
Gokula Nadhanayi... , [Santhosh Pandit] -Film:Krishnanum Radhayum.
Guruvayoorappa... [Chithra], [Santhosh Pandit] -Film:Krishnanum Radhayum.
Ithu Saada Call Alla... , [Santhosh Pandit] -Film:Superstar Santhosh Pandit.
Kakke Kakke... , [Santhosh Pandit] -Film:Superstar Santhosh Pandit.
Kamini... , [Santhosh Pandit] -Film:Superstar Santhosh Pandit.
Konji Konji... , [Santhosh Pandit] -Film:Superstar Santhosh Pandit.
Ma Ma Ma Mayavi... , [Santhosh Pandit,Nimmy] -Film:Krishnanum Radhayum.
Music Is The Name... , [Santhosh Pandit] -Film:Superstar Santhosh Pandit.
Radhe Krishna... [Vidhu Prathap], [Santhosh Pandit] -Film:Krishnanum Radhayum.
Sneham Sangeetham... [MG Sreekumar], [Santhosh Pandit] -Film:Krishnanum Radhayum.