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V D Rajappan Hits -Velikuzhiyil Devadasan Rajappan (വി. ഡി. രാജപ്പൻ) was an Indian actor in Malayalam movies . He was a popular Kadhaprasangam artist in Kerala. He was born in Kottayam, Kerala. He was known for his inventive style in stand-up comedy in the late 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. He started his career in the 1980s mainly portraying comedian roles and has acted in more than 100 films in Malayalam. He is considered as the godfather of parody songs in Malayalam.. . .Wikipedia
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Aa Vardile... [V D Rajappan] -Album:Parody Song Collection 2..
Akkidi Pakkaran Part 1... [V D Rajappan] -Album:Akkidi Pakkaran.
Akkidi Pakkaran Part 2... [V D Rajappan] -Album:Akkidi Pakkaran.
Ambalappuzhe Roottil... [V D Rajappan] -Album:Parody Song Collection 2.
Amittu Part 1... [V D Rajappan] -Album:Amittu.
Amittu Part 2... [V D Rajappan] -Album:Amittu.
Amittu Part 3... [V D Rajappan] -Album:Amittu.
Amittu Part 4... [V D Rajappan] -Album:Amittu.
Amittu Part 5... [V D Rajappan] -Album:Amittu.
Avalude Partsukal Part 1... [V D Rajappan] -Album:Avalude Partsukal.
Avalude Partsukal Part 2... [V D Rajappan] -Album:Avalude Partsukal.
Ayalkkar Urangiyallo... [V D Rajappan] -Album:Parody Song Collection 2..
Chikayunna Sundari Part 1... [V D Rajappan] -Album:Chikayunna Sundari.
Chikayunna Sundari Part 2... [V D Rajappan] -Album:Chikayunna Sundari.
Ennennum Ente Korangettan... [V D Rajappan] -Album:Ennennum Ente Korangettan.
Laharimukku (Part 01)... [V D Rajappan] -Album:Laharimukku.
Laharimukku (Part 02)... [V D Rajappan] -Album:Laharimukku.
Laharimukku (Part 03)... [V D Rajappan] -Album:Laharimukku.
Lilamme Mela... [V D Rajappan] -Album:Parody Song Collection 2..
Mak Mak Part 1... [V D Rajappan] -Album:Mak Mak.