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A Ayyappan Hits -A. Ayyappan (27 October 1949 – 21 October 2010) was an Indian Malayalam-language poet in the modernist period. He is considered as the "Icon of anarchism" in Malayalam poetry. He was also an iconoclast figure who had a close friendship with famous Malayalam film director John Abraham.. . .Wikipedia
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Alila... [Edappal Viswam], [A Ayyappan] -Album:Venalmazha.
Bhashayum Athmahathyayude Theeyathiyum... [Shijil], [A Ayyappan] -Album:Venalmazha.
Ente Savappetti Chumakkunnavarodu... [A Ayyappan] -Album:Ayyappante Kavithakal.
Greeshmavum Kanneerum... [Sindhu Govind], [A Ayyappan] -Album:Venalmazha.
Introduction... [A Ayyappan] -Album:Venalmazha.
Jail Muttathe Pookkal... [Gittu Joy], [A Ayyappan] -Album:Venalmazha.
Mazha... [Easwaran Namboothiri], [A Ayyappan] -Album:Venalmazha.
Santham... [A Ayyappan] -Album:Ayyappante Kavithakal.
Venal Mazha... [A Ayyappan] -Album:Venalmazha.
Venal Mazha... [Selin Shoji], [A Ayyappan] -Album:Venalmazha.