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D Imman Hits -Immanuel Vasanth Dinakaran (born 24 January 1983), better known as D. Imman, is an Indian film composer and singer, predominantly working in the Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam film industry. His first film as music director was Thamizhan in 2002. Since then he has composed music for 100 films. . . .Wikipedia
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Chiri Chonnorungum... [Jyotsna], [Sarathchandra Varma], [D Imman] -Film:Vande Matharam.
Gala Gala Gala Gaaley... [Jassi Gift, Roshini], [Mankompu Gopalakrishnan], [D Imman] -Film:Vande Matharam.
One Two Three... [Farazuddin,Remya], [Mankompu Gopalakrishnan], [D Imman] -Film:Vande Matharam.
Sarangiyil Innen Sarangiyil... [Kalyani Menon], [Sarathchandra Varma], [D Imman] -Film:Vande Matharam.
Vande Matharam... [Vijay Yesudas, Benny Dayal], [Sarathchandra Varma], [D Imman] -Film:Vande Matharam.