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Mani Sharma Hits -Mani Sharma (born Yanamandra Venkata Subrahmanya Sharma; 11 July 1964) is an Indian composer, multi-instrumentalist, and music producer known for his works primarily in the Telugu and Tamil cinema along with Kannada and Hindi films. He is a recipient of two state Nandi Awards, three Filmfare Awards South, and three Mirchi Music Awards South for Best Music Direction. His works are noted for integrating Indian classical music with electronic music, world music and traditional orchestra. He is often referred to as Melody Brahma and Swara Bramha for his melodious tunes. . . .Wikipedia
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Evideyanu Nee... [Nishad], [Siju Thuravor], [Mani Sharma] -Film:Varan.
Kanchanam Peyunna Kalyana Melam... [Vidhu Prathap], [Siju Thuravor], [Mani Sharma] -Film:Varan.
Manjanoolile Pon Thali... [Vidhu Prathap,Shivani], [Siju Thuravor], [Mani Sharma] -Film:Varan.
Mayangum Kulirthennalay... [Vidhu Prathap, Deepa Miriam], [Siju Thuravor], [Mani Sharma] -Film:Varan.
Om Namaha... [Alex], [Siju Thuravor], [Mani Sharma] -Film:Varan.
Theyyare Theyyare Manavala... [Jassi Gift, Anitha], [Siju Thuravor], [Mani Sharma] -Film:Varan.