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Kalamandalam Shankaran Embranthiri Hits -Kalamandalam Sankaran Embranthiri (1944–2007) was one of the most popular Kathakali musicians, credited with initiating a new wave in the rendition of songs for the classical dance-drama from Kerala in south India. His shruti-aligned music was glistened by a velvety voice, easy reach of the three octaves and command over stage proceedings that won him massive fan following even as his form received an abrupt setback in 1990 when he suffered a major ailment from which he could never recover fully.. . .Wikipedia
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Jaya Jaya Ramachandra... [Kalamandalam Shankaran Embranthiri] -Album:Jugalbandhi.
Maadhava Murahara... [Kalamandalam Shankaran Embranthiri] -Album:Jugalbandhi.
Pushkarane Paduthe... [Kalamandalam Shankaran Embranthiri] -Album:Jugalbandhi.
Saadaram... [Kalamandalam Shankaran Embranthiri] -Album:Jugalbandhi.