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MB Srenivasan Hits -Manamadurai Balakrishnan Sreenivasan (19 September 1925 – 9 March 1988), or MBS, was a South Indian music director who worked mainly in the Malayalam and Tamil film industries. He was born to an orthodox Tamil Brahmin family on 19 September 1925 in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh. He had his schooling at P.S. High School, Chennai. During his college days at Madras Presidency College, he was attracted to communist ideals and joined the Madras Students Organisation. His acquaintance with Nemai Ghosh, a Bengali director, paved his entry into films. His first film song was written to the words of noted Tamil lyricist, Jayakanthan, for the Tamil film Paadhai Theriyudhu Paar. He played a major part in the formation of Indian Peoples Theatre Association (IPTA). He formed the Madras Youth Choir in 1971, which sings Indian choral music, based at Chennai. They released a twin cd Pallupaduvome by Charsur and proposed to release a children's CD Poo Vaenuma that was composed by MBS. He also acted in a Tam. . .Wikipedia
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Aathirakkulirulla... [Janaki], [ONV Kurup], [MB Srenivasan] -Film:Madhuvidhu.
Adhara Sruthicherthoren... [Yesudas], [Kavalam Narayana Panicker], [MB Srenivasan] -Album:Bhavageethangal.
Adimalarinathanne... [Yesudas], [Irayimman Thampi], [MB Srenivasan] -Film:Indulekha.
Adithottu Mudiyolam... [Jayachandran], [P Bhaskaran], [MB Srenivasan] -Album:Saranamayyappa.
Adiyil Edanil Vachu... [MG Sreekumar], [ONV Kurup], [MB Srenivasan] -Film:Manivathoorile Aayiram Sivarathrikal.
Ampili Choodunna... [Chithra], [ONV Kurup], [MB Srenivasan] -Film:Manivathoorile Aayiram Sivarathrikal.
Anantha Neele Vinnil... [Yesudas], [ONV Kurup], [MB Srinivasan] -Film:Parasparam.
Andolanam Manassin... [Yesudas], [Kavalam Narayana Panicker], [MB Srenivasan] -Album:Bhavageethangal.
Annakkili Vannakkili... [Yesudas], [Kavalam Narayana Panicker], [MB Srenivasan] -Album:Bhavageethangal.
Avanirathinkal Udichilla... [Janaki], [Kavalam], [MB Srenivasan] -Film:Ilakkangal.
Bharatha Muniyoru Kalam Varachu... [Yesudas], [ONV Kurup], [MB Srenivasan] -Film:Yavanika.
Bodhi Vruksha Dalangal... [Yesudas], [ONV Kurup], [MB Srenivasan] -Film:Kathi.
Chaithram Chayam Chalichu... [Yesudas], [ONV Kurup], [MB Srenivasan] -Film:Chillu.
Chaliye Kunjanu... [Chithra], [MB Srenivasan] -Film:Swathi Thirunal.
Chandra Palunku... [Yesudas, Janaki], [Vayalar], [MB Srenivasan] -Film:Kanyakumari.
Chandra Palunku... [Yesudas, Vasantha B], [Vayalar], [MB Srenivasan] -Film:Kanyakumari.
Chempakapushpasuvasitha Yamam... [Yesudas], [ONV Kurup], [MB Srenivasan] -Film:Yavanika.
Chirikkumpol... [Janaki], [Sreekumaran Thampi], [MB Sreenivasan] -Film:Kadal.
Devanuke Pathi... [SP Balasubramaniam], [MB Srenivasan] -Film:Swathi Thirunal.
Eesanakone Idathadavillathe... [Yesudas], [Kavalam Narayana Panicker], [MB Srenivasan] -Album:Bhavageethangal.