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Shahabaz Aman Hits -Shahabaz Aman (born 27 December 1969) is an Indian playback singer and composer. He was born in Malappuram, Kerala, India. He is also a stage performer of Ghazal music. Shahabaz is known for his soulful, romantic voice and unique style of singing. He has released music albums of various genres and performed across India and Persian Gulf countries. He is a two time winner of Kerala State Film Award for Best Singer.. . .Wikipedia
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Allahoo... [Sachin Warrier], [Rafeeq Ahmed], [Shahabaz Aman] -Film:Bavuttiyude Namathil.
Anthimanam... [MG Sreekumar, Sujatha], [V R Santhosh], [Shahabaz Aman] -Film:Indian Rupee.
Ee Chillayil Ninnu... [Yesudas], [Rafeeq Ahmed], [Shahabaz Aman] -Film:Spirit.
Ee Puzhayum... [Vijay Yesudas], [Mullanezhi], [Shahabaz Aman] -Film:Indian Rupee.
Ee Raathriyil... [Shahabaz Aman], [Shahabaz Aman] -Film:Shutter.
Kyun... [Avni Jogelkar, EM Thejus], [Zubin Imtiaz], [Shahabaz Aman] -Film:Shutter.
Maranamethunna Nerathu... [Unni Menon], [Rafeeq Ahmed], [Shahabaz Aman] -Film:Spirit.
Mazhakondu Mathram... [Gayathri], [Rafeeq Ahmed], [Shahabaz Aman] -Film:Spirit.
Mazhakondu Mathram... [Vijay Yesudas], [Rafeeq Ahmed], [Shahabaz Aman] -Film:Spirit.
Nadukani... [Joy Mathew], [Shahabaz Aman] -Film:Shutter.
Pakalakalunnu Doore... [Sachin Warrier], [Rafeeq Ahmed], [Shahabaz Aman] -Film:Bavuttiyude Namathil.
Pokayayi... [Venugopal, Asha Menon], [V R Santhosh], [Shahabaz Aman] -Film:Indian Rupee.
Ya Duni... [MG Sreekumar], [Rafeeq Ahmed], [Shahabaz Aman] -Film:Paradesi.