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Shahabaz Aman Hits -Shahabaz Aman is an Indian playback singer and composer. He was born in Malappuram, Kerala. He is also a stage performer of Ghazal music. Shahabaz is known for his soulful, romantic voice and unique style of singing. He has performed across India and Persian Gulf countries. . . .Wikipedia
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Allahoo... [Sachin Warrier], [Rafeeq Ahmed], [Shahabaz Aman] -Film:Bavuttiyude Namathil.
Anthimanam... [MG Sreekumar, Sujatha], [V R Santhosh], [Shahabaz Aman] -Film:Indian Rupee.
Ee Chillayil Ninnu... [Yesudas], [Rafeeq Ahmed], [Shahabaz Aman] -Film:Spirit.
Ee Puzhayum... [Vijay Yesudas], [Mullanezhi], [Shahabaz Aman] -Film:Indian Rupee.
Ee Raathriyil... [Shahabaz Aman], [Shahabaz Aman] -Film:Shutter.
Kyun... [Avni Jogelkar, EM Thejus], [Zubin Imtiaz], [Shahabaz Aman] -Film:Shutter.
Maranamethunna Nerathu... [Unni Menon], [Rafeeq Ahmed], [Shahabaz Aman] -Film:Spirit.
Mazhakondu Mathram... [Gayathri], [Rafeeq Ahmed], [Shahabaz Aman] -Film:Spirit.
Mazhakondu Mathram... [Vijay Yesudas], [Rafeeq Ahmed], [Shahabaz Aman] -Film:Spirit.
Nadukani... [Joy Mathew], [Shahabaz Aman] -Film:Shutter.
Pakalakalunnu Doore... [Sachin Warrier], [Rafeeq Ahmed], [Shahabaz Aman] -Film:Bavuttiyude Namathil.
Pokayayi... [Venugopal, Asha Menon], [V R Santhosh], [Shahabaz Aman] -Film:Indian Rupee.
Ya Duni... [MG Sreekumar], [Rafeeq Ahmed], [Shahabaz Aman] -Film:Paradesi.