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Jerry Amaldev Hits -Jerome Thomas Veleeparambil, more popularly known by his stage name Jerry Amaldev (born 15 April 1939) is a three-time Kerala State Film Awards winning Indian composer of film scores who has given music to some of the most important motion pictures of Malayalam cinema. He is noted for his lyrical and expressive melodies together with simple but rich tonal compositions of Indian music.. . .Wikipedia
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Aattakkaran Chettacharude... [Yesudas], [Bichu Thirumala], [Jerry Amaldev] -Film:Vivahithare Ithile.
Aayiram Kannumayi... [Karaoke], [Jerry Amaldev] -Film:Nokketha Doorathu Kannun Natte.
Akkuthikkuthana... [Sunanda], [MD Rajendran], [Jerry Amaldev] -Film:Adhyayam Onnu Muthal.
Alkkoottathil Thaniye... [Yesudas], [P Bhaskaran], [Jerry Amaldev] -Film:Saramsam.
Allimulla Poomarangal... [Chithra], [Jerry Amaldev] -Film:Ennum Ninte Ormakal.
Alorungi arangorungi... [Chithra], [Bichu Thirumala], [Jerry Amaldev], -Film:Mamattikkuttiyamma.
Ambari Mele... [Chithra], [MD Rajendran], [Jerry Amaldev] -Film:Parannuyaran.
Annelezhum Ponnoonjalil... [Yesudas, Chithra], [Jerry Amaldev] -Film:Ennum Ninte Ormakal.
Annorunaal... [Chithra], [Jerry Amaldev] -Album:Gloria.
Annu Sandhyakku Nammal... [Yesudas, Chithra], [K Jayakumar], [Jerry Amaldev] -Album:Ardrageethangal.
Anthi Vinnile... [Sreekumar, Chithra], [Shibu Chakravarthi], [Jerry Amaldev] -Film:Merkara.
Aradhana Nisa... [Yesudas], [Bichu Thirumala], [Jerry Amaldev] -Film:Nokketha Doorathu Kannun Natte.
Arayarayarayo Kinginiyo... [Chithra], [ONV Kurup], [Jerry Amaldev] -Film:Punnaram Chollichilli.
Aro Paranju Arayalinkompil... [Chithra], [Shibu Chakravarthi], [Jerry Amaldev] -Film:Merkara.
Athappoovum Nulli... [Yesudas, Chithra], [ONV Kurup], [Jerry Amaldev] -Film:Punnaram Chollichilli.
Ayiram kannumayi... [Chithra], [Bichu], [Jerry Amaldev], -Film:Nokketha doorathu...
Ayiram Kannumayi... [Yesudas], [Bichu Thirumala], [Jerry Amaldev] -Film:Nokketha Doorathu Kannun Natte.
Chillitta Vathilil... [Yesudas], [K Jayakumar], [Jerry Amaldev] -Album:Ardrageethangal.
Chollu Chollu Thumbi... [Vani Jayaram], [ONV Kurup], [Jerry Amaldev] -Film:Mamatha.
Daivam Mannil... [Chithra], [Jerry Amaldev] -Album:Gloria.