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Kumaranasan Hits -Mahakavi Kumaran Asan (Malayalam: എൻ. കുമാരൻ ആശാൻ) (12 April 1873 – 16 January 1924) was a poet of Malayalam literature, Indian social reformer and a philosopher. He is known to have initiated a revolution in Malayalam poetry during the first quarter of the 20th century, transforming it from the metaphysical to the lyrical and his poetry is characterised by its moral and spiritual content, poetic concentration and dramatic contextualisation. He is one of the triumvirate poets of Kerala and a disciple of Sree Narayana Guru.He was awarded the prefix "Mahakavi" in 1922 by the Madras university which means "great poet". . . .Wikipedia
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Chandaalabhikshuki Part 01... [Manoj, Jyothi], [Kumaranasan] -Album:Chandaalabhikshuki.
Chandaalabhikshuki Part 02... [Manoj, Jyothi], [Kumaranasan] -Album:Chandaalabhikshuki.
Chandaalabhikshuki Part 03... [Manoj, Jyothi], [Kumaranasan] -Album:Chandaalabhikshuki.
Chandaalabhikshuki Part 04... [Manoj,Jyothi], [Kumaranasan] -Album:Chandaalabhikshuki.
Chandaalabhikshuki Part 05... [Manoj, Jyothi], [Kumaranasan] -Album:Chandaalabhikshuki.
Chandaalabhikshuki Part 06... [Manoj,Jyothi], [Kumaranasan] -Album:Chandaalabhikshuki.
Chandaalabhikshuki Part 07... [Manoj,Jyothi], [Kumaranasan] -Album:Chandaalabhikshuki.
Chandaalabhikshuki Part 08... [Manoj,Jyothi], [Kumaranasan] -Album:Chandaalabhikshuki.
Chandala Bhikshuki... [Madhusudanan Nair], [Kumaranasan] -Album:Veenapoovu.
Dahikkunnu Bhagini... [Manikandan], [Kumaranasan], [Mohan Sithara] -Film:Yugapurushan.
Ee Valliyil Ninnu... [Madhusudanan Nair], [Kumaranasan] -Film:Kuttikalude Kavithakal V2.
Ha Pushpame (Veenapoovu)... [Anagha J Kolothu], [Kumaranasan] -Album:Kavyamrutham V1.
Karuna... [Madhusudanan Nair], [Kumaranasan] -Album:Veenapoovu.
Kuttiyum Thallayum... [Madhusudanan Nair], [Kumaranasan] -Album:Veenapoovu.
Pookkunnitha Mulla... [Madhusudanan Nair], [Kumaranasan] -Album:Kuttikalude Kavithakal V2.
Veenapoovu... [Madhusudanan Nair], [Kumaranasan] -Album:Veenapoovu.