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Usha Khanna Hits -Usha Khanna (Hindi: उषा खन्ना;) is an Indian music director in Hindi cinema. She is the third female music director to enter the Hindi film industry, after Jaddan Bai and Saraswati Devi and is one of the most commercially successful music directors in the male dominated music industry. She is most known for songs like Hum tum say juda ho ke (ek sapaira ek lutaira, 1965) "Chhodo kal ki baatein", "Shaayad meri shaadi ka khayal", "Zindagi pyaar ka geet hai" and "Aap to aise na the". She remained active for more than 3 decades from 1960s to 1980s. She is still active making some music for some movies and television-serials, more than 40 years after her debut as music director in Dil Deke Dekho (1959). She received a Filmfare Award nomination for composing the songs for the huge hit film Souten (1983). She was married to director, producer, lyricist, Sawan Kumar Tak, from whom she separated later on.. . .Wikipedia
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Chudalakkadunarumbol... [Yesudas, Chithra], [Vayalar Ramankutty], [Usha Khanna] -Film:Agni Nilavu.
Devangane Ne Va... [Yesudas, Chithra], [Vayalar Ramankutty], [Usha Khanna] -Film:Agni Nilavu.
Gayaka Gayaka... [P Bhaskaran], [Usha Khanna] -Album:Avani Pookkooda.
Karineela Mizhiyulla... [Yesudas, Chithra], [Vayalar Ramankutty] [Usha Khanna] -Film:Agni Nilavu.
Kathiru Kathiru Konduvayo... [Yesudas], [P Bhaskaran], [Usha Khanna] -Album:Avani Pookkooda.
Katte Poomkatte... [Yesudas], [P Bhaskaran], [Usha Khanna] -Album:Avani Pookkooda.
Madalasamakume Ee Ravum... [Yesudas], [P Bhaskaran], [Usha Khanna] -Album:Avani Pookkooda.
Mayalle Mariville Mayalle... [Yesudas], [P Bhaskaran], [Usha Khanna] -Album:Avani Pookkooda.
Mukile Vinniliyalum... [Janaki], [P Bhaskaran], [Usha Khanna] -Film:Moodal Manju.
Nee Madhu Pakaru Malar Choriyu... [Yesudas], [P Bhaskaran], [Usha Khanna] -Film:Moodal Manju.
Omane Poi Varam... [Yesudas], [P Bhaskaran], [Usha Khanna] -Album:Avani Pookkooda.
Poonchola Padunnu... [Yesudas], [P Bhaskaran], [Usha Khanna] -Album:Avani Pookkooda.
Unaru Vegam Ne... [Janaki], [P Bhaskaran], [Usha Khanna] -Film:Moodal Manju.