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Fr. Abel Hits -Reverend Father Abel, C.M.I., (1920 - 27 October 2001), commonly known as Fr. Abel, was an Indian Catholic CMI priest, journalist, and lyricist, best known as the founding father of Kalabhavan, a centre for learning performance arts in Kochi, India. Fr. Abel, with the help of K. K. Antony, a music teacher, and Yesudas, then a budding playback singer, started Kalabhavan as the Christian Arts Club to promote Christian music, in the year 1969. Soon, with the support of Major Archbishop Mar Joseph Parecattil and the Archdiocese of Eranakulam, the Club was registered as Kalabhavan.. . .Wikipedia
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Arumasuthante Meni... [Jimmy], [Fr. Abel] -Album:Kurisinte Vazhi.
Daivame Ningeham... [Yesudas], [Fr. Abel], [K K Antony] -Album:Eeswarane Thedi.
Eeswarane Thedi Nadannu... [Yesudas], [Fr. Abel], [K K Antony] -Album:Eeswarane Thedi.
Ethi Vilapa Yathra... [Vani Jayaram], [Fr. Abel] -Album:Kurisinte Vazhi.
Ezhunnellunnu Rajavu... [Yesudas], [Fr. Abel], [K K Antony] -Album:Eeswarane Thedi.
Gagultha Malayil Ninnum... [Yesudas], [Fr. Abel], [K K Antony] -Album:Eeswarane Thedi.
Kaikalukal Kuzhanju Nathante... [Jimmy], [Fr. Abel] -Album:Kurisinte Vazhi.
Kurisil Kidannu Jeevan... [Vani Jayaram], [Fr. Abel] -Album:Kurisinte Vazhi.
Kurisil Kidatheedunnu... [Jimmy], [Fr. Abel] -Album:Kurisinte Vazhi.
Kurisil Marichavane... [Vani Jayaram, Jimmy], [Fr. Abel] -Album:Kurisinte Vazhi.
Kurisin Kanatha Bharam... [Jimmy], [Fr. Abel] -Album:Kurisinte Vazhi.
Kurisu Chumanneedunnu... [Vani Jayaram], [Fr. Abel] -Album:Kurisinte Vazhi.
Lokathilanju Veesi... [Vani Jayaram], [Fr. Abel] -Album:Kurisinte Vazhi.
Maheswara Nin... [Yesudas], [Fr. Abel], [K K Antony] -Album:Eeswarane Thedi.
Manushya Nee Mannakunnu... [Yesudas], [Fr. Abel], [K K Antony] -Album:Eeswarane Thedi.
Maranathinayi Vidhichu... [Jimmy], [Fr. Abel] -Album:Kurisinte Vazhi.
Modam Kalarnnu Ninne... [Yesudas], [Fr. Abel], [K K Antony] -Album:Eeswarane Thedi.
Nathante Divya Deham... [Vani Jayaram], [Fr. Abel] -Album:Kurisinte Vazhi.
Nithyanaya Daivathin Puthrananu... [Yesudas], [Fr. Abel], [K K Antony] -Album:Eeswarane Thedi.
Orslemin Puthrimare... [Vani Jayaram], [Fr. Abel] -Album:Kurisinte Vazhi.