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Kanjangadu Ramachandran Hits -Kanhangad Ramachandran is an Indian Singer and Music Director from Kannur, Kerala. He was born to Shri. C. K Panicker bhagavathar, an exponent of Classical Music in the Carnatic tradition of South India, and Smt. Naniyamma. He had started learning Carnatic Music at an early age and trained under the tutelage of his father, who was a Musician of North Malabar and a regular stage performer. Ramachandran grew up in an environment conducive to shape his musical interests. He was considered as the prodigy of Music after performing at the Muneeswaran kovil, continuously for three hours, when he was nine years old. His performance earned him many admirers, and T. R. Mahalingam, a musician who had come there to perform, conferred his tampura to Ramachandran. Soon after the debut performance, he became one of the leading Carnatic vocalists. He completed his schooling at Government High School, Cherukunnu and went to Nehru college, Kanhangad for higher studies. During those days he had won sever. . .Wikipedia
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Achankovil Aarinte... [Kanjangadu Ramachandran], [Alleppey Ranganath] -Album:Valanchuzhi Amma.
Akatharilennum Thava Roopa Bhavam... [Yesudas], [Payyannoor Sreedharan], [Kanjangadu Ramachandran] -Album:Nava Ganapathy.
Ananda Bhavana Stithanam... [Yesudas], [Payyannoor Sreedharan], [Kanjangadu Ramachandran] -Album:Nava Ganapathy.
Devapoojitham... [Kanjangadu Ramachandran], [Madhu Alapadambu], [Kanjangadu Ramachandran] -Album:Sree Umamaheswaram.
Ennum Nin Nadayil... [MG Sreekumar], [Madhu Alapadambu], [Kanjangadu Ramachandran] -Album:Sree Umamaheswaram.
Gajamukhane Gananadha... [Yesudas], [Payyannoor Sreedharan], [Kanjangadu Ramachandran] -Album:Nava Ganapathy.
Gananada Sindhoora... [Kanjangadu Ramachandran] -Film:Sreeragam.
Gananayaka Nin... [Yesudas], [Payyannoor Sreedharan], [Kanjangadu Ramachandran] -Album:Nava Ganapathy.
Gowri Shankara... [MG Sreekumar], [Madhu Alapadambu], [Kanjangadu Ramachandran] -Album:Sree Umamaheswaram.
Kadalalakal... [Kanjangadu Ramachandran], [Madhu Alapadambu], [Kanjangadu Ramachandran] -Album:Sree Umamaheswaram.
Kanakangi Swaravahini... [Yesudas], [Kaithapram], [Kanjangadu Ramachandran] -Film:Sreeragam.
Kandu Njan Devi Paadam... [Kanjangadu Ramachandran], [Alleppey Ranganath] -Album:Valanchuzhi Amma.
Koothadum... [Yesudas], [Payyannoor Sreedharan], [Kanjangadu Ramachandran] -Album:Nava Ganapathy.
Kuvalayadala Nayane... [Manjari], [Madhu Alapadambu], [Kanjangadu Ramachandran] -Album:Sree Umamaheswaram.
Malar Chorum Mohangale... [Kanjangadu Ramachandran], [Sreedharan Pillai], [Kannur Rajan] -Film:Kurinji Pookkunna Nerathu.
Medabharani... [Kanjangadu Ramachandran], [Alleppey Ranganath] -Album:Valanchuzhi Amma.
Neelakkadakkannil... [Chithra], [Kaithapram], [Kanjangadu Ramachandran] -Film:Sreeragam.
Ohm Ganapathiye... [Yesudas], [Payyannoor Sreedharan], [Kanjangadu Ramachandran] -Album:Nava Ganapathy.
Padavarnnatharivala... [Yesudas, Chithra], [Kaithapram], [Kanjangadu Ramachandran] -Film:Sreeragam.
Parayunnuvo... [Biju Narayanan], [Madhu Alapadambu], [Kanjangadu Ramachandran] -Album:Sree Umamaheswaram.