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Chirayinkeezh Ramakrishnan Nair Hits -Chirayinkeezhu Ramakrishnan Nair (1 August 1929 – 10 January 1994) was a Malayalam lyricist from Kerala. He also served as a lecturer in Madras Presidency College. He penned the lyrics for around 30 Malayalam movies.Ramakrishnan alias Chirayinkeezhu Ramakrishnan nair started writing poetry at a young age. His friendship with Prem Nazir gave him the opportunity to write songs for Malayalam films. His first movie, Innale Innu, was released in 1977. He wrote the song 'Swarnayavanikakkullile Swapnanadakam' from the film. After onwards, he went to write lyrics for around 20 songs and 100 songs. He died aged 64 on 10 January 1994, after prolonged illness.. . .Wikipedia
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Alumkombath... [Jayachandran, Jolly Abraham], [Chirayinkeezh Ramakrishnan Nair], [Viswanathan MS] -Film:Iniyum Kanam.
Ayiram Rathri Pularnalum... [Jayachandran], [Chirayinkeezh Ramakrishnan Nair], [Dakshinamoorthi] -Film:Ninakku Njanum Enikku Neeyum.
Deepamundenkil Nizhaluvarum... [Yesudas], [Chirayinkeezh Ramakrishnan Nair], [Arjunan MK] -Film:Karipuranda Jeevithangal.
Dhukkangal Ethuvare... [Yesudas], [Chirayinkeezh Ramakrishnan Nair], [Dakshinamoorthi] -Film:Ninakku Njanum Enikku Neeyum.
Ini Njan Karayukilla... [P Suseela], [Chirayinkeezh Ramakrishnan Nair], [Dakshinamoorthi] -Film:Thalappoli.
Kadalile Ponmeeno... [Yesudas], [Chirayinkeezhu Ramakrishnan], [Joy K J] -Film:Chandrahasam.
Kadhayariyathe Kathakali... [Yesudas], [Chirayinkeezh Ramakrishnan Nair], [Joy K J] -Film:Tharangam.
Kali Vanchikalil... [Vani Jayaram], [Chirayinkeezhu Ramakrishnan], [Joy K J] -Film:Chandrahasam.
Kudamullakkavile... [Ambili, Jayachandran], [Chirayinkeezh Ramakrishnan Nair], [Arjunan MK] -Film:Karipuranda Jeevithangal.
Manmadha Puriyile... [Jayachandran], [Chirayinkeezh Ramakrishnan Nair], [Arjunan MK] -Film:Yakshipparu.
Mazhamukil Mayangi... [Yesudas, Janaki], [Chirayinkeezh Ramakrishnan Nair], [Joy K J] -Film:Tharangam.
Oh My Dear Dream Star... [Yesudas], [Chirayinkeezh Ramakrishnan Nair], [Joy K J] -Film:Tharangam.
Padaswaram Aniyunna Pampa Nadi... [Yesudas, Madhuri], [Chirayinkeezh Ramakrishnan Nair], [Devarajan] -Film:Nivedyam.
Pavizhamalli Ninte... [Jayachandran, Madhuri], [Chirayinkeezh Ramakrishnan Nair], [Devarajan] -Film:Amarsham.
Priyasakhi Poyvaru... [Yesudas], [Chirayinkeezh Ramakrishnan Nair], [Dakshinamoorthi] -Film:Thalappoli.
Purushantharangale... [P Suseela], [Chirayinkeezh Ramakrishnan Nair], [Dakshinamoorthi] -Film:Thalappoli.
Puthu Yugangalil... [Vani Jayaram], [Chirayinkeezhu Ramakrishnan], [Joy K J] -Film:Chandrahasam.
Rathi Rajanigandhi... [Yesudas], [Chirayinkeezhu Ramakrishnan], [Joy K J] -Film:Chandrahasam.
Sree Vazhum Kovilil... [Yesudas, Vani Jayaram], [Chirayinkeezh Ramakrishnan Nair], [Dakshinamoorthi] -Film:Thalappoli.
Swarnayavanikakkullile... [Yesudas], [Chirayinkeezh Ramakrishnan Nair], [Devarajan] -Film:Innale Innu.