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Thirunainar Kurichi Hits -Thirunainar Kurichi Madhavan Nair (1916-1965) was an Indian poet, novelist and lyricist. He was also an employee of Travancore Radio Station in Trivandrum, which later got merged with All India Radio. He was very active in Malayalam films from 1951 to 1965 and has written over 300 film songs of which most were hits. Thirunainar Kurichi and music director Brother Lakshmanan were a hit duo during the 1950s and 60s. Thirunainar Kurichi has also written numerous poems dramas and novels in the 1950s and 1960s. Madhavan Nair was born at Thirunainarkurichi town near Velimala Murugan temple, which is around Colachel in Kanyakumari district of the present-day Tamil Nadu. Born on 16 April 1916 to Raman Nair and Narayani Pillai, he lost his father at a very young age. After education in Trivandrum and at his native place he took up a job as a teacher at a school in Colachel. He married Ponnamma and has a daughter named Jayashree. The film producer P. Subramaniam was his close friend and so the p. . .Wikipedia
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Aaru Nee Agathiyo... [Kamukara Purushothaman, Santha P Nair], [Thirunainar Kurichi], [Lakshmanan] -Film:Padatha Painkili.
Ezhu Nirangalum... [Kamukara Purushothaman, Janaki], [Thirunainar Kurichi], [Babu Raj] -Film:Karutha Kai.
Maaya Madhava... [Kamukara Purushothaman, P Leela], [Thirunainar Kurichi], [Lakshmanan] -Film:Baktha Kuchela.
Naaduchutti Odivarum... [Mehboob], [Thirunainar Kurichi], [Lakshmanan] -Film:Padatha Painkili.
Padedi Padedi... [CS Radhadevi], [Thirunainar Kurichi], [Lakshmanan] -Film:Padatha Painkili.
Paimpal Ozhukum... [AM Raja, Jamuna Rani], [Thirunainar Kurichi], [Lakshmanan] -Film:Aana Valarthiya Vanampadi.
Panchavarana Thatha Pole... [Kamukara Purushothaman, Yesudas], [Thirunainar Kurichi], [Babu Raj] -Film:Karutha Kai.
Snehame Karayatta Nin Kai... [Kamukara Purushothaman], [Thirunainar Kurichi], [Lakshmanan] -Film:Padatha Painkili.
Thanthoya Thenundu... [Kamukara Purushothaman, Santha P Nair], [Thirunainar Kurichi], [Lakshmanan] -Film:Padatha Painkili.
Thumpappoo Peyyana... [Kamukara, Sulochana], [Thirunainar Kurichi] -Film:Randidangazhi.