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Viswanathan MS Hits -Manayangath Subramanian Viswanathan (24 June 1928 – 14 July 2015), also known as M.S.V., was an Indian music director, singer and actor who predominantly worked in Tamil film industry. He was popularly known as Mellisai Mannar. He composed songs for more than 800 Indian films and various albums. across languages primarily in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu films. He has also acted and sung in a few Tamil films. The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu J Jayalalithaa conferred the Thirai Isai Chakravarthy (Tamil for "The Emperor of Cine Music") title on him in August 2012 and presented him with 60 gold coins and a new car.Viswanathan composed film music together with composer and violinist T. K. Ramamoorthy from the 1950s to 1965, as Viswanathan–Ramamoorthy for 100 Films. He independently composed for 700 films from 1965 to 2015.. . .Wikipedia
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Aa Janma Saubhagyame... [Yesudas], [Bichu Thirumala], [Viswanathan MS] -Film:Pathivratha.
Aa Nimishathinte ... [Yesudas], [SK Thampi], [Viswanathan MS] -Film:Chandrakantham.
Aa Nimishathinte... [Janaki], [Sreekumaran Thampi], [Viswanathan MS] -Film:Chandrakantham.
Aakasharoopini... [Biju Narayanan], [Sreekumaran Thampi], [Viswanathan MS] -Album:Chethi Mandaram Thulasi Vol 01.
Ah Nimishathinte... [Yesudas], [S K Thampi], [Viswanathan MS] -Film:Chandrakantham.
Akasaroopini Annapoorneswari... [Yesudas], [Sreekumaran Thampi], [Viswanathan MS] -Film:Divyadarsanam.
Alakalile Paral Meen Pole... [Yesudas], [Kavalam Narayana Panicker], [Viswanathan MS] -Film:Athirathram.
Alumkombath... [Jayachandran, Jolly Abraham], [Chirayinkeezh Ramakrishnan Nair], [Viswanathan MS] -Film:Iniyum Kanam.
Ambala Thulasiyude... [Yesudas], [M Gopalakrishnan], [Viswanathan MS] -Film:Swargadevatha.
Ananda Narthana... [Vani Jayaram], [P Bhaskaran], [Viswanathan MS] -Film:Veeralippattu.
Ananda Narthana... [Yesudas], [P Bhaskaran], [Viswanathan MS] -Film:Veeralippattu.
Aniyam Maniyam... [P Suseela], [Vayalar], [Viswanathan MS] -Film:Panitheeratha Veedu.
Anuraga Surabhila Nimishangale... [Yesudas], [Yusaf Ali Kechery], [Viswanathan MS] -Film:Panchami.
Ashtapadiyile Nayike... [Jayachandran], [Vayalar], [Viswanathan MS] -Film:Jeevikkan Marannu...
Athakkalathinnu Poo Thedumpol... [Yesudas], [Yusaf Ali Kechery], [Viswanathan MS] -Album:Avani Pookkal.
Athappoo Nirtham Vachu... [Yesudas], [Yusaf Ali Kechery], [Viswanathan MS] -Album:Avani Pookkal.
Ayala Porichathundu... [Eswari L R], [Sreekumaran Thampi], [Viswanathan MS] -Film:Venalil Oru Mazha.
Ayiram Sugandha Raga... [Jayachandran], [Bichu Thirumala], [Viswanathan MS] -Film:Vadakaveedu.
Brahma Nandini... [Yesudas, Vasantha], [Vayalar], [Viswanathan MS] -Film:Jeevikkan...
Chanchalitha Chanchalitha... [Yesudas, Janaki], [Vayalar], [Viswanathan] -Film:Dharmakshethre...